Growing Bright Green Moss in Garden

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Growing Bright Green Moss in Garden

When all is dormant and brown outdoors, moss will always be alive and green even when everything outside is dormant, frozen, and even brown. All you need to do is to spot a couple of moist locations or corners in your yard or nearby woods and you will likely find a patch of bright green moss.

Collect very gently a part of this pretty patch of bright green moss and transplant pieces into a shallow bowl filled with a layer of coarse grain sand and fine potting soil. If you can manage a drainage hole in the container go for it.

It is better to wash soil and debris away from the tops of your moss pieces prior to placing them in the bowl. Do not panic if your fingers put the disturbance because moss pieces will very soon attach and grow into one magnificent mound.

You may like to grow green bright moss in a plain pottery pot or even a cute coffee cup shaped container to provide it a lovely bonsai look. Moss is often used around the base of bonsai trees, but moss on its own brings its own beauty to a windowsill or tabletop with no direct sun.


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